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The fact, my dear readers, is that I do not have a choice to tell you the truth or not, because I have not a clear conscience; so as I have begun telling you this nice story, I would like to share with all of you what in fact it happened after I had read the work of this loved author.

The date in which this letter arrived to my hands, was between October and November in 1.846, but as I did not know what to do with that letter, which it had been in the open air for a long time, I decided to go to Alexander Dumas's residence to turn over for myself.
When I asked for him, his servant told me that he was not at home, because he was travelling with his father between Spain and Algeria, this is the reason for deciding to carry on it without saying anything about this matter. So in this way the time passed, first some weeks,, even I would say that it was a month later when suddendly I intended to write an exact copy of this letter but in my own handwriting and in this way I could remain the original one.
I sent it to the addressee Madame Duplessis, but I changed the sender's address for mine, so I could receive it; It was a second mistake for my part? I'm afraid it was, but as I cannot change the destiny of anybody and my sorrow is more and more unbearable, I only can feel better if somebody knows it.
At the end of Januay in 1847 I received the answer of our main character; as you can imagine, another letter of love this time to Dumas written by Marie and with a little difficult handwriting and it is as follow,

Oh my dear Alexander!

If only you could be beside me, because of my weakness doesn't let me write and think clearly, but I still can feel your love and passion for me. You who have suffered all my lechery. Oh My beloved man! my fever is increasing more and more and my blood flow through my mouth because of my cough.

I feel that my time has come and I am lonely, grey and dam. My flowers are faded -Who cares for them?

My debts are getting worse and creditors don't stop knowing to my door to meet the principal despite me in my later days. I am confident that you come as soon as you can, because I am breathless and my heart will move restlessly till you stay with me.

Please, turn up before me because my soul is moving away.

Yours Marie.

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